Data Science and Pop Culture

Nombre de places: 30 - Langue: Anglais/Français


Data sciences offer a new perspective to study the immense amount of cultural data available today. In this context, the emerging field of computational cultural sciences promises major scientific and industrial advances. This course module introduces students to the contemporary challenges in fundamental and applied research, and equips them with the central computational concepts and tools necessary to carry out a typical project in this field.


Oral presentation of an IMDb analysis project


La langue de la PSL-week sera le Français, sauf si un ou plusieurs étudiants ne sont pas francophones.

Monday morning: Presentation of Computational Cultural Sciences
- The big data revolution in the field of culture
- Close reading VS distant reading
- Cultural sciences theories
Speakers : Charles, Edgar, Nicolas

Monday afternoon: Case study: the evolution of portraits
- Construction of a theoretical framework
- Collecting data from portraits
- Computer implementation of a facial recognition system
- Statistical processing
Speaker: Léonard

Tuesday morning: Short project on Marvel & DC superheroes
- Reminder in R
- Refresher course in graphical representations
- Refresher in statistical modeling
Speaker: Valentin

Tuesday afternoon: Issues in the movie industry
- Current business issues
- State of the art of cultural data science
- Future perspectives
Speakers: Lise, Valentin

Wednesday morning to Friday morning [5 half-days]: Long project on films
Speakers: Edgar, Valentin

Friday afternoon: Oral presentation of the projects & discussions
Speakers : Everyone


Limited basic programming skills.

Equipe enseignante

Responsable : BAUMARD Nicolas

Valentin Thouzeau, Edgar Dubourg, Charles de Dampierre


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